On 15th April, the second mountain fire of 2019 broke out on the slopes of Mount Kenya... Kenya’s largest water tower system is being ravaged by illegal fires made by unregulated farming, honey hunters, cannabis cultivators and charcoal burners. The fires can consume tens of thousands of hectares of vegetation, leaving only death and destruction in their path. The helplessness you feel from seeing something so vast and beautiful burn and consume so much in so little time. It leaves you weak. Then you see the rangers, these selfless warriors for the wild beating down the fires manually and it reminds you of the hope that humans are capable of. The Mount Kenya Trust and other organizations have been working tirelessly to curb the fires but they need more support to protect our Kenyan heritage. This mountain provides water for an entire country, provides sustenance for millions, creates employment, serves as an ecosystem to flora and fauna endemic to this region. If we don’t protect it together, who will?

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