Pieces of Us

“Is the human race capable of reversing the environmental trauma we’ve already inflicted on this planet?”

In Ali’s words “Anything is possible” Here is one man, amongst many, who is trying despite the odds. Pieces of Us is a story set in the tranquil coastal island of Lamu about the power we have as collectives. About the little pieces we can all offer to fix the greater puzzles that face us. It is about humanity collaborating to create solutions to the problems we have created for ourselves and the earth.

Remember to…
Refuse what you can’t reuse
Pack reusable and refillable items with you
Spend and stay with businesses championing sustainability
Share the film to spread the message
Sign the clean seas pledge – https://www.cleanseas.org/make-pledge

Executive Producer: Flipflopi and UNEP
Producer: Hannah Evans
Writer: Sham Patel
Director: Sham Patel and Anthony Njuguna
Cinematographer: Sham Patel and Anthony Njuguna
Sound Assistant: Swabir Mohamed Zein
Editor: Leon Malu and Anthony Njuguna

Special Thanks:
Abubakar and Ali Skanda
Muli Mwendwa
Betty Ndukui
Jemima Bormann Carr
James Newman
Karlina @ Ndoto House
Takataka Heroes
Jawad Hamid

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