“My earliest memory of this car is sitting in the boot of a blue defender 90 pickup being driven by my dad from Nyeri to Nairobi getting smacked by the raindrops right on my young and curious face.”

Twenty years later and the same iconic vehicle in the form of a defender 110, which we named Freedee, took us to the depths of adventure, always to the limit and back home safely. The freedom this car offered has allowed us to create the most incredible life bonds with people we meet along the journey. Our connection with the Landrover Defender isn’t a superficial one. We believe in this car and its abilities. We respect the capabilities of this car because we’ve seen them first hand. We respect the artists and mechanics and engineers and designers who all came together to build this new machine. A car that will undoubtedly become the icon for travelers in the future just the way Freedee is to us for now.

A Routes Adventure production

Agency: Alternative Ke
Client: Inchcape Kenya & Landrover
Director: Sham Patel & Anthony Njuguna
Cinematography: Sham Patel & Anthony Njuguna
Editing: Leon Malu & Anthony Njuguna
Colorist & Sound design: Leon Malu
Aerial Cinematographer: Jonah Njoroge & Anthony Njuguna

Special Thanks:
Alternative Ke
Inchcape Kenya
David Kasanga
Ben Kasanga
Michael Mwachofi

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