10to4 Mountain Bike Race

The first time we went out to the 10to4 mountain bike challenge, we had no idea what to expect. We’d exchanged a few emails with the Mount Kenya Trust team and said we’re coming up to see what they do. We ended up creating a small film around the mountain bike races. We were running around with our cameras, chasing bikers and interviewing people all over Borana Conservancy. That first encounter led to a beautiful relationship with the amazing people over at Mount Kenya Trust and ever since, we’ve been documenting the 10to4 event. The event itself consists of people from all over the world who come to challenge themselves riding from 10,000 feet on Mount Kenya all the way down to 4000 feet across the various landscapes and wildlife that inhabit those areas. The event is held annually in February and is a must for adventurers of all kinds!




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